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Spend your vacation in this beautiful hills when you are with us.

Choose your holiday villas and cottages in Nilgiris.

Holiday home rentals in Ooty.

Future Cottage
:PH:+91-94445 60623
GV Residency
:PH:+91-98433 42228
Holiday Inn : GEM PARK-OOTY
Maruthi Cottages
Holiday home rentals in Kotagiri.

Sri Annamar Cottages
Nahar Retreat and Wellness Spa
BelAir Cottages
PeakView Cottage
Ridgeway Cottages
HopePark Hotel & resorts
Holiday home rentals in Coonoor.

The Devashola(N) TeaEstates
Albert Guest House
RIGA Residency
TAJ Hotels Resorts and Palaces
:1800111 TAJ (1800111825) Accessible only from MTNL and BSNL landlines
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